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Shopping in Thessaloniki

Markets & shopping in the city centre

Whatever shopping habits you may have, Thessaloniki will fulfil your wishes!
When you visit Thessaloniki you will definitely enjoy shopping during your stay. The city offers a wide range of choices that will satisfy every shopper. Are you looking for luxury shopping? Are you the type who wants to find everything in a department store? Looking for little vintage treasures that exude an atmosphere of a bygone era? Do you love strolling and shopping in traditional markets?

The main shopping streets are Tsimiski, Mitropoleos and those around them. An enjoyable walk on beautiful Aristotelous square, where shops blend in with cafés and ouzo tavernas, is also a great place to start from. In any case the best shopping places in town are there waiting to be discovered.

For haute couture lovers

Tsimiski and Egnatia streets in Thessaloniki became renowned for their elegant shopfronts, where famous fashion ateliers and new designers are based. Their storefront decorating techniques have worked wonders for this city of the Greek north, where shops promote their high quality products in a fascinating way. Illuminated artworks will catch your eye as you pass by inviting you to step in and shop. Your walk along Tsimiski Street will be accompanied by music played by various bands making your walk all the more enjoyable!
Ermou and Proxenou Koromila are also two busy and very interesting streets with world famous brand shops and some ambitious new designer ateliers.

For shop in a shop lovers

Spend a day in shopping malls all over Thessaloniki and shop till you drop! This is where you can combine shopping, relaxing at a café and end your day by watching a film in the cinema. In the city centre visit Plateia mall or take a short car ride to Mediterranean Cosmoswhich is the largest shopping centre in the Balkans. This is where you can also eat or drink in any of the cafés or restaurants, have fun at the amusement park right across from the mall, or go crazy on a shopping spree.

For Tradition Lovers

Shopping is not just about clothes and accessories. Modiano and Kapani covered markets will give you the chance to take a glimpse of Thessaloniki as it used to be. Merchants here will make you believe that time has stood still as they keep their old traditional ways alive. They are considered as Thessaloniki’s main marketplaces as you can find good prices and a big variety of products. The heart of the city beats here where the air is filled with strong aromas of all kinds of spices; cinnamon, cloves, star anise, pepper, cardamom, curry and boukovo (a favourite hot chilli pepper in Thessaloniki) etc. Inside the marketplaces you will also find picturesque cafés and restaurants that you will certainly enjoy.

For Vintage Lovers

On Dimitriou Gounari Street, known as Navarino, also the name of the nearby square, you can look for the best shopping deals in town. Colourful, alternative or rock style clothes and accessories can be seen in shops around this area. Take a look at the little stores selling second-hand music cd and vinyl records, collectibles, magazines and books at low prices. This area also gives you the chance to pass by the Palace of Galerius.

For Book Lovers

If you are a reading enthusiast, then you should definitely visit Thessaloniki’s bookstores. Large or small bookshops are part of the city’s living history. This city simply loves books. We invite you to discover this world of books on your next trip to Thessaloniki.

For Art Lovers

Are you an artist or an art lover? In Thessaloniki's museum shops you will find replicas inspired by ancient and modern art. If you are fascinated by modern jewellery, decorative art works and silkscreens, then you must pay a visit to the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art.
The shop at the Teloglion Foundation of Art of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki sells their own publications as well as other interesting art books. You will find artefacts inspired by various exhibits from the Foundation’s collection as well as original ones crafted for the hosted exhibitions.
If you are more of a classic art lover then don’t forget to make a stop by the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and the Museum of Byzantine Culture. The shops here have beautiful jewellery inspired by antiquity as well replicas of statues and of other museum items.

For Sugar lovers

Gastronomy in Thessaloniki is serious business. This city is rich in flavours and aromas, and most of all it is filled with patisseries that sell unique sweets that have become a trademark. When you are in town try the traditional trigona panoramatos (triangular phyllo filled with custard cream pastries), the tsoureki filled with chocolate or sweet chestnut puree, the renowned bougatsa, the syrupy phyllo-pastry of oriental origin (kazan dipi, ekmek kataifi, samali) as well as creams like rice pudding and vanilla cream. The streets of Thessaloniki smell like syrup, baked phyllo-sheets and fresh butter. Have your next rendez-vous on either Mitropoleos or Agias Sofias Streets, where some of the city’s traditional confectioneries are located.