Nightlife in Patras

Discover why Patras is so much more than a Greek city well-known for its Carnival Parades.

It’s a city offering a 24/7 entertainment to visitors of all ages. Nightlife in Patras presents numerous options to night birds. Follow our suggestions and discover all the popular neighbourhoods that remain lively until early in the morning all year round.

Riga Feraiou Pedestrian Street

This buzzing central street is full of life day and night. Explore fine establishments serving Greek or international flavours and try delicious local dishes and refreshing drinks. Walk around the vivacious surrounding streets bustling with locals from early evening until late at night.


Take a night walk on King George I Square or on Olgas Square and enjoy the cafés, the traditional ouzeri (tavernas where ouzo is mostly served, accompanied by savoury titbits) and the restaurants that are filled with people of all ages especially in winter. Visit Psila Alonia Square and try the modern Greek cuisine restaurants. Sip your cocktail or go clubbing at the nearby streets.

Ifaistou and Gerokostopoulou Streets

Stroll down the Gerokostopoulou stairs, you will find cozy little bars with amazing views to enjoy your drink. Sit next to laid-back students and relax with a glass of wine and scrumptious mezedes (tasty bites of traditional Greek food) in mezedopoleia (tavernas serving mezedes) on Ifaistou St. Another option for you is to experience the rebetadiko atmosphere (taverna where live rebetiko music is played).

Trion Navarchon Pedestrian Street

This is the youth’s favourite spot. Choose among various eateries such as mezedopoleia, grill houses and pizza places and enjoy delicious inexpensive food. Go on an evening promenade along the street, which ends at Patras Harbour Lighthouse.


Patras Marina, situated in the north side of the city, is an area best enjoyed during the spring & summer seasons as it affords breathtaking sunset and sea views. Pick a café or a bar for a drink or savour fresh fish and seafood in one of the tavernas facing the docked yachts.


Visit this uphill area and drink in the night-time views of the city, the harbour and the gulf by the ancient city castle, while having a glass of wine and some mezedes. In the summer, there’s a variety of events and concerts on site for those interested.

Rio & Vrachneika

Summer is for Rio & Vrachneika, two seaside areas at the city outskirts. Vrachneika is a family destination, where you can enjoy great seafood. Rio is quite different; there’s a casino and many seaside nightclubs to dance the night away opposite the impressive Rio-Antirrio Bridge.