Greek Snacks Everywhere You Go

Tasty energy bites

Holidays in Greece usually include quite a few activities: sightseeing, touring, visiting museums and archaeological sites, swimming, cave touring and hiking. It goes without saying that you’ll feel hungry in between meals: so, here are some nutritious, delicious, quick snacks for you to try when you need a boost.
The Visit Greece team has picked some scrumptious bites for you to carry on your trips …for your hour of need!

Wherever you find yourselves in Greece you will come across Greek dried food products. Dried figs are simply irresistible: they are very nutritious being rich in fibre, potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium, and their caramel flavour will tickle your taste buds. A handful of Corinthian sultanas is an interesting alternative, bearing in mind that nutrition scientists around the world praise their beneficial effects on our health.

Sesame seeds are usually added in sweet and in savoury snacks across the country. A common light meal to take in your bag is tasty pasteli (sesame and honey bar). Try also tahini (sesame paste) in various flavours, spread on a slice of bread. Enjoy a piece of halva, a sweet preparation with sesame as its main ingredient, traditionally eaten during the Greek Lenten period (fasting period before Easter). Halva comes in a wide range of flavours, depending on the extra ingredient such as vanilla, cocoa, almond, hazelnut, raisin, peanuts, chocolate, honey; it may also be coated with dark or milk chocolate.

Koulouri (sesame rolled bread ring) is an energy-giving healthy snack rich in carbohydrates and proteins. You will find it easily in bakeries or sold by street vendors. The classic type is called sesame koulouri Thessalonikis and its history dates back to the Byzantine Empire. In recent times the recipe was brought to Greece by refugees from Asia Minor and it was prepared for the first time in Thessaloniki – hence the name! It comes in many types; multigrain, kneaded with wholemeal flour, cheese filled, sesame rolled or sesame free. Choose the one that suits your taste and enjoy it to the last bite.

Greek pies are well-known for their tastiness; enter the next bakery you happen to pass by (known as fournos) and choose among a large variety of scrumptious snacks. Try cheese pie, spinach pie, bougatsa Thessalonikis (a custard filled phyllo pastry preparation – created in Thessaloniki) or another temptation from the bakery’s window.

Greek moustokouloura are sweet cookies prepared with grape must and olive oil as their main ingredients; try them made with fresh must, during the grape harvest period. They have a slightly spicy flavour and they are best enjoyed dunked into your tea or coffee.

Greek nature offers a large variety of nuts that are great as a snack all day long. Greek pistachio nuts taste great and can be eaten with or without their soft inner shell; it is worth mentioning that they contain numerous nutrients required for a balanced diet. Almonds and walnuts are also two quality tasty products that are abundant in Greece. Another suggestion would be a light meal of creamy Greek yogurt topped with honey and walnuts - an excellent energy-providing snack.

Extra tip: Prepare an assortment of your favourite nuts and take them with you on your daily trips!