Traditional Products

Products from Greek Mother Nature

Traditional Greek cuisine is based on quality natural products such as olives, extra virgin olive oil, dairy products, honey, fish, nuts and many more. 
A great many Greek products have been honoured with the distinction of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). 88 Greek products in all have so far been awarded this honour, including 20 different cheeses, 27 olive oils, 23 vegetables and pulses, 10 different varieties of olive, Cretan rusks, the traditional Messolongi ‘avgotaracho' (salted flat-head mullet fish roe), several varieties of honey, sweet beverages such as the Naxos citron drink and kumquat liqueur from Corfu, Kozani saffron and mastic from Chios. 

Greek products are reknowned for their high nutritional value, exquisite taste while some of them are "indigenous" offering Greek cuisine that special something making it unique as Greeks loves to say!