N. Kokkas

The wines of Grevena

Village wine making

Although climatic conditions are not particularly conducive to viticulture, the regional unit of Grevena boasts about 300 ha of vineyards, with the penchant for wine making gaining traction in recent years. This should come as no surprise, as wine and tsipouro has been an integral part of people's daily lives, in the good times and the bad.
Scattered small vineyards are found mainly in the mountainous villages of Trikomo, Kosmati and others southwest of Grevena, in Sydendro and Elefthero in the north, Emilianos in the south, in the area of ​​Deskati in the southeast, and at the edge of Mount Vourinos, east of Grevena.

Although the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) of Grevena, has been recognized since 1990, it will be hard for visitors to find bottled PGI samples of red and rosé wines, dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet, of the Xinomavro, Moschomavro, Roditis, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah varieties. Instead, they can sample homemade wines and tsipouro spirit produced locally through amateur distillation methods at the tavernas of the villages.