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Archaeological Site of Tiryns

Α city built by the Cyclopes!

The fortification of the hill of Tiryns (8km from Argos) which protects the palace complex, is such an impressive construction that the ancient Greeks could not believe that it was built by human hands. Thus, the architects of Tiryns were said to be the Cyclopes, who came to the city with Proetus, its legendary founder, from distant Lycia.

All the great heroes with supernatural powers are associated with Tiryns: Bellerophon, Perseus, and Hercules. Indeed, the construction of the wall is unbelievable and a challenge to logic, even for today’s visitors. One stands in awe in front of the perfect assembly of these huge boulders, unable to understand either how or who could have performed such a great feat of engineering.From archaeological findings we know that the gently sloping hill of Tiryns was continuously inhabited from Neolithic times to Late Antiquity.

It was already flourishing in the Early Bronze Age. Between 2700 and 2200 BC, there was a populous and prosperous city here. The circular building, 27 metres in diameter which dominates the hilltop, bears witness to the undeniable power of the city. The fortifications of Tiryns were completed in stages, to protect the palace complex, their places of worship and burial sites. Warehouses, workshops and houses complete the picture of a city which flourished for almost 2000 years, until the 5th century BC.