P. Merakos

Routes in Pelion

Walking in nature

Soaring like a sleepless guardian above the city of Volos, Mt Pelion is gorgeous throughout the year. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been chosen by the Centaurs for trotting though its forests, by the nymphs for bathing in its running waters, by warriors for crossing its arched bridges. Irresistibly attractive, Mt Pelion allures visitors from Greece and abroad for all kinds of activities, including hiking. According to many, this is the perfect way in which one can take in the magic of the mountain’s atmosphere and explore hidden gems of superb beauty.
Depending on your stamina and taste, there are dozens of hikes you can choose from. Here are just a few:

Tsagkarada – Damouchari: 3km / easy/ 1 hour
The central square of the village of Tsagkarada is the starting point, right by the famous over-a-thousand-year-old plane tree. A zigzagging downward cobbled street through the plane trees will take you to the beach of Damouchari on a way resplendent by the Greek sun and the Aegean panorama.

Kala Nera – Milies: 11km / medium / 3 hours
Built on the seashore, Kala Nera is a beautiful village that knows not what thirst is, as it is full of fountains. A great part of the hike follows the railway. Lush vegetation of wild flowers and birds’ singing will be etched on your memory. When you get to the village of Milies, grasp the chance to take a ride along the slopes of Mt Pelion aboard the legendary “Moutzouris”, the oldest railway in the country.

Zagora – Chorefto: 3km / very easy / 1.5 hours
Being the easiest of them all, it is the perfect hike for families. Departing from the village that is famous for its apples, we take the downward road to the wonderful beach of Chorefto, the place from which the apples would start their international exporting journeys back in the old times.

Ano Lechonia – Agios Georgios Nileias: 4km / medium / 2 hours
At the foot of the mountain, the village of Ano Lechonia is like a Garden of Eden. Take the upward road to Agios Georgios, one of the most scenic villages in the area with a fantastic view to the Pagasetic Gulf. Trails and cobbled ways will take you through olive groves, ravines and picturesque chapels to prove your choice excellent.

Veneto – Monastery of Flamouri – Ano Kerasia: 12.9 km / demanding / 5 hours
One of the most beautiful hikes in the northern part of the mountain will take you through the thick forest of chestnut and oak trees, running waters and wild ravines to a glade where the historic and striking monastery of Flamouri stands. Refresh yourselves with a visit to it!