Rethymno by bike

If you are in the mood for wonderful bike rides under Crete’s sunny skies and feel the urge to explore the countryside, as well as its rich history, cycling in Rethymno is a fine option for you. Some paths may be demanding with their hilly terrain, others less strenuous, but all the more beautiful.

Explore Rethymno’s magnificent nature, amidst the White Mountains and Mt. Psiloreitis, get to know beautiful beaches, legendary caves, historic monasteries and traditional villages. Try out the Cretan dishes that burst with flavour, served with a glass of raki or cretan wine while listening to folk music played on a lyra (three-stringed bowed musical instrument). So leave the conventional vacations aside and get to know places, the cyclist way!

Amazing bike routes

A wide variety of paths throughout the entire region of Rethymno leads to traditional villages boasting beautiful architecture such as Maroulas, Chromonastiri, Pikris, Mountros, Amnatos, Argyroupoli, Spili, Margarites, Anogeia and many more. There are routes climbing high on Mt. Psiloreitis or going down steep gorges such as Kourtaliotiko and Kotsyfou, to end at isolated beaches in the south. Other courses lead to monasteries, such as Arkadi and Vosakos and cross plains scattered with Byzantine country chapels, such as the Amari plain. Follow picture-perfect paths through dense olive groves, reach places affording amazing views, test your stamina in difficult climbs, enjoy lovely landscapes and take a short break in picturesque cafes - you’ll find one in every village.

There are routes recommended for beginners and others for more experienced cyclists. Take your pick among narrow country paved or dirt roads.

Useful information

Paths recommended below follow the region’s terrain. You can either choose to take them as they are or create your own, based on your abilities, stamina and time limits. Each one of the 22 routes on the list include information on the type of path and distance in kilometres. Download the Cycling Routes brochure about Rethymno where apart from the above information you’ll get a good picture of the best sights and villages on your way. There are indicator symbols that describe each place as best as possible.

You will find information on heights, distances measured in kilometres and recommended stops. But safety comes first! So enjoy your bike ride wearing your helmet and carry with you a raincoat as the weather can be unpredictable. Have some concentrated food with you and the phone number of someone you can get help from if anything goes bad.

Route suggestions 

Rethymno – Mountros – Argyroupoli - Rethymno, 58 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno - Argyroupoli - Rethymno, 48 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno - Kastelos, 27 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno - Prases, 28 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Rethymno - Karoti, 39 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno – Roustika - Bale, 56 km. / Road Bicycle
Argyroupoli – Myriokefala – Asi Gonia, 28 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Rethymno - Arkadi, 47 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Vrysina Route, 48 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Rethymno - Plakias, 42 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Plakias – Kotsifou & Kourtaliotiko Gorges, 37 km. / Road Bicycle
Tour of Plakias, 54 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Tour of Kentros, 47 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Tour of Amari, 71 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno – River Dam - Patsos, 30 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Spili - Preveli, 39 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Agia Galini - Triopetra, 58 km / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Panormo – Margarites - Bali, 66 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno - Melidoni, 64 km. / Road Bicycle
Platanias – Arkadi - Eleftherna, 53 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno – Vosakos Monastery, 47 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Rethymno – Anogeia - Nida, 72 km. / Road Bicycle