P. Merakos

Horseback Riding

Equestrian sports began in Greece just before World War II, through the initiative of a group of high-ranking army officers and amateur “riders”, with the founding of the Hellenic Equestrian Club on an estate in Holargos in Attica. Following the War, the Club moved to new premises in the Paradissos suburb of Amarousion in Attica, thus attracting the attention of many Athenians who had the prerequisites for horse-riding. It soon became the first significant center for the development of competitive riding in Greece.

Since then, equestrian sports has been developing steadily in the country and is considered to be one of the rising sports. It is popular with the public, especially the young. New clubs are opening every year, new members are enrolling and new riders are appearing on the competitive circuit. It is indicative that today over 50 equestrian clubs are operating (and riding schools), of which 46 are recognized by the Hellenic Equestrian Federation. The sport today has 2,450 riders and around 1,000 horses. Apart from competitive equestrian sports, one can also take part in riding programs for beginners and for more experienced riders, in specially created areas and estates (riding centers) situated throughout Greece. These centers have qualified personnel with trained horses who will teach you the first basic secrets of riding while observing all safety rules. You will also be able to ride horseback for several hours along natural pathways and scenic mountain routes.

For more information contact Hellenic Equestrian Federation