Travelling around Greece by public transport is reasonably easy thanks to a vast transport network.


Greece has an extensive domestic air network. Travelling across the country is simple and there are connections with every part of Greece. There are 15 International airports mostly located on the islands and the cities, receiving direct international flights, as well as charter flights and other 38 airports for direct flights from abroad and domestic flights.

The choice of the plane for travelling to a Greek city or one of the islands offers a comfortable, safe and speedy trip. Fares are fairly reasonable, particularly if an advance booking is made. For more info see here.


The long-distance buses and those on the islands are operated by KTEL (coaches) and they are safe and modern. Every region has its own KTEL operator which runs local services within the region and to main towns in other areas. The network is convenient and all the major towns are connected to Athens and Thessaloniki.
Villages mostly have at least a daily bus service and there’s generally a bus stop outside the main coffee house (kafeneio) or the main square.

Buses are convenient for moving across the country, with a network that can reach even the smallest villages. For more info see here.


There is a vast ferry network in Greece. It runs all year round and most frequently from March until October - the services are limited during the winter months to some islands. Apart from ferries, there are also catamarans for island hopping and for connecting the island to the mainland ports.

For ferry routes in Greece, you can find all available connections at the bottom page of every destination you want to go as well as useful information for islands, ports and shipping companies. For more info see here.


Greece’s railway network is approximately 2,500 km long, covering the greater part of the mainland. Trains in Greece are operated by HELLENIC TRAIN. There are two main lines from Athens to Alexandroupoli via Thessaloniki and the Peloponnese network.

Travelling by train combines safety with an affordable price. The Athens-Thessaloniki line is a wonderful choice for whoever wishes to travel either on the express which completes the journey in 4.5 hours or on the regular train. The route from Drama to Xanthi is one of the most beautiful in Europe. For more info see here.