Archaeological site on a mountain slope with 3 upright columns and green trees around.

Central Greece

The very heart of Greece

Central Greece, known as Roumeli, is part of the Greek mainland that has been inhabited since antiquity. There are forested mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, rich fauna and flora and remarkable archaeological sites. Visit the archaeological site of Delphi and the Oracle of Apollo, picturesque seaside towns of Galaxidi and Itea, as well as beautiful Nafpaktos of great historical importance. The lagoon of Messolonghi, the largest Greek wetland, is a natural paradise that includes islets, dunes, forested banks and a rich flora and fauna that provide salt and fish to the locals. But the most precious gift of nature here is bottarga (Greek avgotaracho), one of the few seafood products with a PDO award, a delicacy coming from the eggs of the female grey mullet.

Do you seek the kind of thrill that will pump up your adrenalin? Karpenisi is the ideal destination as there is a multitude of activities for you throughout the year. So, don’t waste time, take a trip to the heart of Greek nature and see ravines with impressive waterfalls, dense forested areas and rapid river waters! If skiing or snowboarding is your thing, make a point of visiting Mt. Parnassos and nearby picturesque Arachova Village, the most cosmopolitan winter destination in Greece. Don’t miss the well-known archaeological sites at Orchomenos Village, Thebes, Plataiaes, and Chaeronea.


Other Destinations

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Trip to mountainous Nafpaktia

Seven mountains, countless forested peaks and a rough terrain define mountainous Nafpaktia, a 550-square- kilometre area that extends north of beautiful Nafpaktos town.