Aromas of the World & Byzantine Myrrhs

The known accordion soloist and composer Zoe Tiganouria, presents us again "Aromas of the World & Byzantine Myrrhs" on September 6, "Nomarxeio" yard - Alexandroupolis, at 21:30. In an unprecedented multi-cultural "marriage" for the Greek standards, Zoe Tiganouria combines Byzantine Psalmodies, Traditional tunes from Greece, Anatolia, the Balkans, Thrace, Pontus, Macedonia, Epirus and the Aegean islands, Ethnic sounds from around the World, personal compositions and known melodies of great composers. This fiesta of sounds is completed with authentic Traditional dances from all over Greece -and especially from Zoe's birthplace- the Island of Samothrace. Zoe Tiganouria sways with flexibility among repertoires, uniting people from different social groups: Chanters & Academics, great Artists & Musicians, remarkable Teachers & Conservatory Students, impressive Dancers. Everything converge naturally and effortlessly through her artistic prism, and as she states: "Music is One, Unique and Undivided".