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Must do things on Santorini

Today I will give you two amazing tips of to do things on Santorini. One of them is really special, I think. 

  Every time I travel I search a lot about the place I’m visiting. That´s just my way to familiarize myself with the culture, customs, the history and the region. When I researched about Santorini the most commented topic was the sunset. Everyone said 'you cannot miss the sunset; Santorini has the most beautiful sunset in the world…' But there was something even more special, that I was not prepared for:

The sunrise : Or even better, the sunrise at the top of the highest mountain of the island, the Profitis Ilías.

  So here I am to tell you: Santorini has a magnificent sunrise and if you are like me and therefore like to experience things out of the ordinary, do not miss this opportunity. Hike the mountain and see the sunrise from there. It is fantastic!

How to go : To hike the Profitis Ilía you have two options. Option 1 : Going from Kamari or 
              Option 2 : Going from Perissa 

  The whole journey is almost four hours (up and down) and I recommend you to wear sturdy shoes or at least sneakers with a good grip. I went there with these sneakers (photo below) and it was kind of an adventure to go down the hill.

  Another important thing: be sure to bring sunscreen, at least 2 litters of water and some snacks for your short breaks.

  From Perissa and Kamari the way is marked pretty well. You can also go by donkey – if you are not so “sporty” and do not want to walk. And there is even a road and you could do it by car as well. I personally refused to “hike” a mountain with the help of a car, I believe that takes the magic of the thing and I don´t want to use animals for my transportation, they are poor. I got legs on my own Ahh, there is also the option to just visit Ancient Thira (picture), the trek up lasts 2 hours (up and down), but the view cannot be compared with what we saw from Profitis Ilías. At the top of  the montaion there is a monastery, but we couldn´t visit it, it was closed.

  And to those who are quieter and don´t want to sweat on holidays, I also got a tip – of course : Don´t miss the opportunity, do a boat or catamaran cruise to see the sunset. We did a semi-private one and it was very nice. We met some great people from all over the world and the sunset seen from the sea is unforgettable. The semi-private cruise is not cheap, but there are a lot of others which are almost the same, but cheaper. I recommend any tour at sea to see the sunset, doesn´t matter which kind. In the end the important thing is to be in good company (husband, boyfriend, friends, family, girlfriend, wife, dog, cat, bird, horse hahaha).

  Do you see the yellow water in the picture? That´s not dirty water as you might think but the “Hot Springs”. It's sulphurous water of the volcano which people say that has curing effects. However, it will turn white swimming things into yellow swimming things…so don´t dress up with a white bikini (like I did :/ )! The spring water itself has a temperature of about 30°C and therefore does not really feel hot but warm. But as I said, there are cheaper tours and there are plenty of offers to find on the internet and off advertisement cards in hotels and apartments.

Article by Katia Farias

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