Ancient Cultures Abound at IPA World Congress

  With its white beaches, cool seas and stunning ruins, Greece could slide on its looks. Yet this magical country has long been a hub of intellectual energy, since the time of Socrates. That greatest of philosophers would no doubt have had something to say about probiotics, the healthful microbes growing in his yogurt which remained unnamed until the 20th century. Perhaps: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

  The 4th International Probiotics Association (IPA) World Congress plans a close examination: The two-day affair brings together global leaders in science and industry for what promises to be a dynamic exchange for all in the probiotic field. Researchers, scientists, regulators, clinicians and industry delegates will dive into the latest discoveries as well as applications and developments on the consumer side. Attendees will hear from experts across the globe where research is discovering uses for probiotics in disorders and diseases across the spectrum: from asthma and allergies to obesity and irritable bowel and numerous others including the role of the microbiota in stress and behavior. As advances are coming at a fast pace, the scientific discussions will no doubt be stimulating.

  A true benefit to IPAWC is the inclusion of industry and regulatory perspective to the conference. Key players in moving probiotic research to the marketplace will present on many crucial concerns including: probiotic formulation and delivery, health claims and regulators, the latest 2014 data on sales, as well as the future of probiotics. The conference is being held May 9-11th in Athens Ledra Hotel near the lively and historic Plaka, which counts the Acropolis as its neighbor. Come and join us. An opening night cocktail party and dinner party as well as a dinner by the sea the following evening ensure a true Grecian holiday.

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