The Zakynthos Carnival 2014

  The Zakynthos (Zante) Carnival 2014 promises to offer once again a lot of fun and joy from February 9, 2014 to March 2, 2014 as it includes fun making traditions of Zakynthos as well as various festivities. With a long tradition in music, songs and poetry, Zakynthos organises a carnival synonymous with fun, joy and love for life.

  This year’s festivities are launched with the Carnival Bike Ride which departs from Solomos Square and ends at Mouzaki. The programme also includes the play of Hidden Treasure, Piccolo (children’s masquerade parade) and many special events on ‘Tsiknopempti’, February 20, 2014 (named after the fact that barbecued meat is eaten on that Thursday in Greece).

  On this particular day, from morning till night in the town of Zakynthos as well as in many villages many traditional celebrations take place; outdoor festivities, “Omilies” (rare theatrical genre which combines Cretan theatre with Comedia dell Arte), “Bagordes” (popular feasts with food, wine, dancing and singing), Kantada (a type of traditional Ionian Islands’ serenade) and Arekies (songs without musical intonation, all’orecchio = by the ear).

  The great Carnival Parade, led by the “Carnival King”, will take place on the 2nd of March. The frantic carnival will end later on that night with Povero Carnival – which is the Funeral of the Mask where Carnival King in burnt while the carnival participants accompanying him satirise his life.

  On Clean Monday (or Ash Monday) in several villages there will be the Koulouma celebration where “Omilies” will also take place.

For more info: (+30) 26950 41181

Dates: 09/02/2014 – 03/03/2014
Area: Zakynthos – Ionian Islands
Place: City of Zakynthos (Agios Markos Square, Solomou Square), several villages of the islands
Start. T.: Pls. call at the tel. n° above for any inquiry