My top 10 of Greece

  Greece is a country of unique beauty and has something special to offer to every visitor, regardless of age or taste. Having traveled throughout Greece, I have selected 10 special destinations, every one of which is a complete experience for all the senses.

 1. Firiplaka and Ahivadolimni, the most perfect sandy beaches on Milos island. Each is a paradise for an ideal swim.

 2. Tsagkarada, Pilion for a perfect relaxing weekend in the winter. Closeness to nature, good food and walks on the nearby beaches. The perfect match for total relaxation.

 3. Trikala city for the locals' hospitality and friendliness. Feels like home!
 4. Thessaloniki. Because of everything. The laid-back people, the "enjoy life" atmosphere, the delicious food, the seaside, the proximity to
people and locations.  

 5. Milopotas beach at Ios Island. Αt the edge, there is a small taverna where you can eat fresh fish and homemade dishes and be treated as if you are member of their family. Add the view of the sea and it makes one want to stay forever.

 6. Plaka at Milos island. For the best sunset in the world!

 7. Corfu for Easter holidays. Worth going every time for their traditions, a unique combination of various costumes and different cultures mixed together in one big festival.

 8. Vytina and Dimitsana villages in Arcadia: another perfect winter escape. An ideal place to get connected with nature, clear your head, go hiking and have long walks in and out the villages. I wish I could escape there more often.

 9. Loutro village in Sfakia, Crete: an almost "secret" village, which you can only reach by foot or by a small boat. The ideal place to feel isolated and excluded.

 10. The temple of Aphaia on Aigina islaInd. Anything concerning ancient Greek mythology still leaves me breathless, but this temple is even more special. Because of its location, up on the hill; because of the route you take to reach the temple but most of all, because of its unique view. When the sky is clear, you can see from that spot, all the way across to Poseidon's temple in Sounio and the Parthenon in Athens. They say that these 3 temples form a triangle, named the holy triangle of ancient times. Mystical and pure ancient beauty!


Kostantinos Zikos President of GNTO