Path Art Way on Amorgos Island

In the first days of September, let's visit  Amorgos in order to meet  17 visual artists creating and shaping works along the path that goes from Vroutsi to Rachoula in the southern part of the island(Kàto Merià) Their project is based on the history of Cyclades and raw materials of Amorgos. Installations inspired by the recent past, the needs and the purpose of the path, aiming to shed a different light on the landscape. Spirits-Objects, Objects-Objectively, Unions of Stone-Soul *  Within this general title taken from *Alavaro de Campos ‘Ode Maritime’, the works fluctuate between the real and the imaginary, through structural constructions for the path and emotional-expressive illustrations. The aim is to create and showcase the stories hidden in this route. Creating art in public places is an ever frequent tendency aiming to showcase the natural landscape and bring the spectators closer to nature via experience. Their goal is to trigger exchange and feedback between artists and residents of Amorgos and inspire a new direction for the walking tours of the island. This type of art has the ability to mobilize the residents and redirect the focus on the public areas, just as it used to be in the past when the locals would maintain the roads and paths, thus triggering participation and collectivity. Walking the paths of Amorgos one can feel its vibrations, the materials it is made of and sense a power that has ingrained it for centuries. The natural and historical landscape interact continuously, the traditional architecture, the need to build and comunicate, the vegetation are all lit in each passageway creating – together with the surrounding sea – a unique experience for every hiker and a different way to discover the island. Since 2005 the Municipality of Amorgos and the South Aegean Region have mapped and maintained a great part of these paths, highlighting seven traditional routes. One of those is the “Itonian” route beginning in Minoa and ending in Arkesini, crossing the western side of Amorgos and having constituted until recently the main rural road connecting Kàto Merià (the southern part) to the port of Katapola. Participating in the collective visual arts event are artists from Amorgos, Tinos, Naxos and Athens: Orestis Mavroudis, Giannis Dellatolas, Vangelis Savvas, Anna Synodinou, Isavella Velissariou, Aggeliki Paraschou, Dimitris Tzikopoulos, Stella Spanou, Giorgos Koutroumbas, Vassiliki Kyriaki, Andronikos Sagiannis, Sotiris Martos,Kirki Iosifidou,Matina Kokolaki,Teresa Mata Ferrer,Eleni Tzitzifopoulou,Vangelis Mendrinos, Anna Markentoudi,Alkis Apostolou,Kallirroi Askaridou,Natasa Stamouli,Petros Roussos,Iannis Sioutis, Eleni Kapiri, Manolis Loudaros,Fabio Cherubini. Τhe works will be completed and presented to the public on September 9 2018, alongside with a performance inspired by the former presented by artistic group. Path Art Way is jointly organized and co-funded by the Municipality of Amorgos and the South Aegean Region (Cyclades Culture). Artwork by [nomades artcore]