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Greek-style ornaments

A creative group of architects, inspired by Greek culture and tradition, designs and manufactures concept lighting and ornaments. Venues such as the Benaki Museum and Athens Concert Hall have hosted many of these creations.

Two very special lines called "street food" and "keep on dancing babe| tsamiko" have been particularly successful.  Street food refers to the concepts of street and food. It’s about serving accessories – coasters and place mats - which feature typical city patterns. They are accompanied by a map that points to several places, resulting in a treasure hunt. Therefore, you are encouraged to get involved, to get around the city, and to acquire the specific products as mementos of your experience in Greece. There is also a special version of the street food line, which depicts the unique features of alleys on the Cyclades islands.

"Keep on dancing babe| tsamiko", composed of three singular cartoon dancers, renders the most traditional theme of Greek folk dancing in modern and simple terms. The tab that accompanies them encourages the scan of the relevant Qr code. So one can watch the figures dancing tsamiko on:

Their slogan is: 

It is available in three styles: 3D wall decoration, candlesticks and magnets / mirrors.

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