Take part in the actions of “Speak Athenian. Be an Athenian”!

The Athens International Airport, along with Marketing Greece, highlights the Athenian experience, with a view to promoting the city and its dynamics as a city-break destination. The award-winning campaign “Speak Athenian” highlights and reveals the combination of the historical profile and the unique modern character of Athens through a synthesis based on Greek words that are rendered using the Latin alphabet. In this way, the Athenian experience and the city’s diverse, but equally attractive faces are made known. In this context, May is the month of “Ouzology”, followed by the “Theatricult” June and July, the month of “Lunchphoria”. The imaginative actions that accompany the campaign range from competitions, live events, promotions and discounts at airport shops and in the city to discount programs in museums and museum shops to cocktails and hairdressing, in cooperation with shops and with tour operators and agencies. It is worth noting that “Speak Aθenian. Be an Aθenian” has already won two major awards: a Gold Award at the Tourism Awards 2016 in the category Branding - Integrated Communication Campaign and an Ermis Bronze award in the category Digital, Web Campaigns, Travel, Tourism, Entertainment & Leisure.