Should You Visit the Greek Isles in Summer or Winter?

The Greek Isles are a summer paradise, loved by visitors from all over the world and packed with eager tourists throughout the summer months. However, as a winter destination, Greece is not usually a place that springs to mind. However, there are many reasons to spend the colder months in this beautiful European paradise. It’s Much Quieter in Winter Have you ever walked down Santorini’s famed Red Beach during peak season and wished you had the rich sands and rocky backdrop all to yourself? Or dreamed you could take a ferry to Mykonos without being squashed into an overcrowded deck. For all of the beauty and none of the crowds, visiting Greece in winter is a fantastic option. However, there are several attractions that shut during the colder period and ferries run less regularly, so deciding what your priorities are for visiting could determine whether a summer or winter is the best time for you. Join the Festivities The Greek Islands are alive with festive celebrations all year round. Spend Christmas on one of the islandsm, and you’ll be greeted with warmth, joy and hospitality from fellow residents. The winter season is also host to the traditional Epiphany celebration—known locally as Theofania or Fota—which follows a long procession down the waterside. The very bravest of the bunch can then throw themselves into the icy depth in order to symbolically purify themselves for the year. It’s a fantastic season to witness the true spirit of Greek culture that can’t be found within the teems of summer tourists. It’s Cold, But Not That Cold Clearly, the one main downsides to visiting Greece in the winter months is the temperature. If you’re looking for scorching sunshine and warm evenings on the veranda, then a traditional summer holiday is definitely for you. However, compared to many other places in Europe, the winter months in Greece are not actually that cold. It averages at about 14°C, which is still plenty warm enough to visit the islands’ numerous historical attractions, soak up the local culture and appreciate the beautiful and picturesque views on offer. article by Jess Signet and tripelio.com