The best 10 beaches in Lesvos

The beaches of Lesvos is the jewel of the island as their beauty is unique! Lesvos is a water paradise where you will experience moments of endless summer magic. Worth only one visit to convince you! I am sure that you will love them! The beaches of Lesvos is world famous and extremely popular as known for their purity, the clarity of its waters and its unique diversity. The beaches that stand out are: 1. Eresos The sea is crystal clear and the sand stretches for 2.5 km. At the beach you will see the "blue flag" of Europe, because it is one of the cleanest seas in the Mediterranean.Skala Eressos is undoubtedly one of the top summer destinations on the island and is often first in the preferences of visitors 2. Vatera The beach of Vatera, with a length of about 9 km, is probably the largest beach of Lesvos.With its impressive deep blue waters and the fine sand, it is sure to enchant you. This is a beautiful sandy beach, impressive in size. 3. Saint Hermogenes Α picturesque bay with the church of St. Hermogenes. The beach is small but breathtaking and dominate the pines literally reach to the coast. 4. Saint Isidore The most beautiful and largest beach is the sandy Saint Isidore. Located 2 km from the center of Plomari east going to Mytilene. This beach has been voted in the Internet poll as the seventh best beach in Greece. It provides all services and without walking distance there are restaurants and cafes to cool off. 5. Melinda For those who want to enjoy a quiet swim, the pebbled beach of Melinda with green waters is an ideal destination with its unique landscape, full of strength and serenity together. 6. Anaxos One of the most beautiful beaches with crystal clear deep waters and a creek on the west side. It is an organized sandy beach with several cottages and taverns. On the beach everyone can see the village of Molyvos farther away and have a coffee or a drink at the beach bars in the area. 7. Molyvos Molivos beach stretches from the harbor of the village as the «Olive Press hotel." It is a long sandy beach with whirlpool, locker rooms and W.C. You can relax in the sun at your leisure, as you can rent chairs and umbrellas. You can also buy some snacks, coffee, ice cream and even full meals at charming cafes and restaurants are along it. Annually awarded with blue flag. 8. Xampelia Xampelia is a sandy bay with calm turquoise waters, a beach ideal for families and children. There is a tavern on the beach where you can enjoy all the traditional flavors. 9. Τarti One of the most beautiful and popular beaches of the island is Tarti, featuring crystal clear turquoise waters and is located at the foot of a green hill. Every summer is full of tourists, along with other guests and the fresh fish served in abundant fish taverns. 10. Sigri At the west of the island we find the beache of Sigri. The Kochylopotamos (schellriver) is a beach near the settlement, with fine sand, shallow waters and many shells (from which it took its name). Lesvos is the island that you will love! Discover it! article by Lesvos, a beautiful island with beautiful people