a romantic travel back in time to old Athens

The Alexiou Museum one of the most heavily visited and popular places in Athens, the picturesque Plaka, beneath Acropolis, a unique museum (with man sized moving exhibits) have started its operation. This museum is a romantic travel back in time to old Athens in neighborhoods and yards with a bit of jasmine perfume. Traditional old, and nowadays lost professions, like the greengrocer, the shoe polisher and the laterna player, come back in life. Where the sounds of the laterna become melodies and melodies become happiness. All the creations and tools used by this era craftsmen, created with accuracy and old time techniques. With the use of the man sized robotics the visitors are able to get in touch with all of the lost professions and it seems like visiting the past in a time machine. They have the opportunity to walk near the craftsmen and feel the way they lived.   For more info: www.lostprofessions.gr