Four Secluded Greek Island Beaches

What do you dream of when imagining your perfect beach escape? Soft sand and warm waters? Cabanas and cocktails? Or is it just simply somewhere quiet, secluded and peaceful? The popularity of the beach-going experience means that most Greek Island beaches are packed from dawn ‘til dusk. However, this isn’t always the case. For all of you out there dreaming of a peaceful Greek paradise, here are our top four quiet and secluded beaches in the Greek Islands. Vourlia Beach, Proti Island Proti is a beautiful, uninhabited island just off the coast of the southern Peloponnese Peninsula. Only around 0.5 km out from the town of Marathopoli, the island is easily accessible by boat or even kayak if you have the stamina. On Proti, you’ll find Vourlia Beach, a gorgeous cutaway paradise hidden in a cove on the island’s eastern shore. The shallow nature of the cove, combined with its underlying bright white stones and sand, makes the water the softest of baby blues and as clear as glass. Add that to the unspoiled natural setting and you have one of the most breathtaking beach locations in all of Greece. The secluded nature of this beach also means that it rarely has any visitors, perfect for that quiet and relaxing beach experience you’ve been craving. Platia Ammos, Kefalonia Admittedly, while it is hard to fault Proti island’s Vourlia beach, it isn’t exactly near any of Greece’s most popular holiday destinations -- which is something you can’t say about our next choice. Kefalonia is famous for its vibrant lifestyles, culture, easy-going atmosphere and incredible beauty. It is also home to many incredible beaches, but one in particular sticks out as being the perfect place for visitors looking for a bit of seclusion. Platia Ammos is a long, stretching beach, backed by beautiful cliffs and coated in smooth golden and white pebbles. For years, this beach was only accessible via boat, but now a narrow stairway of over two-hundred steps cut through the cliffs leads down to this little-known gem. Whilst the steps might be a tough ask for some, it is well worth the challenge, as this unspoilt Greek paradise receives a mere fraction of the visitors that most others do. The size of the beach’s car park, built beside the staircase, is testament to that, with room for only around ten or so vehicles. Not quite the overcrowded atmosphere you’d expect from a beach on one Greece’s most popular tourist islands! Voutoumi beach, Antipaxos Antipaxos is a tiny, sparsely populated island found just south of the larger and better known Paxos. Although many tourist boats run from Paxos to Antipaxi, the visitors tend to stay around the same areas. While this can make some parts of the island incredibly busy, you don’t have to walk far to find somewhere out of the way. In the northern corner of the island is Voutoumi beach, a quiet, unassuming location hidden behind hillsides and thick woodland. A single pathway leads onto this stunning beach, home to pristine white sand and incredible views of the Med. Thanks not only to its secluded location, but also because of Antipaxos’ low population and visitor numbers, it's almost always empty, save perhaps for some luxury yachts floating offshore. Afales Beach, Ithaca Ithaca is a bit of an enigma. It’s an island of extensive history and myth, famous for being luxurious and romantic, yet plays host to a much smaller number of tourists than the neighbouring islands. Whatever the reason for this is -- likely the lack of an airport of the island -- it has resulted in a very quiet and peaceful atmosphere around the island’s towns and beaches, and nowhere is more peaceful than Afales Beach on the island's north coast. Heading down a steeply descending and winding dirt track, you’ll come to a rocky beach encased by sheer cliff edges. You'll find nothing in the way of amenities like you would at more popular Ithaca beaches. No sunbeds, no tavernas, no lifeguards on duty. Here you are cutaway from everything, as if you aren’t on a major Greek Island, but tucked away on some uninhabited island paradise. artilcle by Deep Blue Yachting