3 new restaurants in Athens

Abovo: The famous, award-winning restaurant recently relocated to Tsakalov Street, in the heart of the central district of Kolonaki, with the famous chef Michalis Nournoglou following the beaten track but also less frequented gastronomic paths. The restaurant has two lists, a more casual one for lunch and a more gourmet one for dinner. The mid-day version of the list is simple, yet bears the stamp and the creative look of the talented chef. The evening list, which is served after seven o’clock, presents a more creative side of the cuisine, which guests can explore also through a ten-course menu degustation named “Put the blame on me” (18, Tsakalov Str.). Feedελ: It opened just before Christmas in a well-hidden small park, a breath away from the central Ermou shopping street. It’s an all-day place, decorated with brick and iron and with a portrait of Frida Kahlo adorning a wall of the restaurant. The cuisine is curated by the rising chef Leonidas Koutsopoulos, who proposes risottos, pasta and burgers for lunch while the evening version of the list includes more creative dishes in generous portions that are ideally placed in the middle of the table and shared. We singled out the handmade tortellini with braised rooster filling that come with chips made from the rooster’s skin and soft white cheese (1, Ktena Str.). Nolan: This restaurant is here to add some New-York aura to a lovely street near Syntagma square. The place is modern, sophisticated and well-lit, with oak floors and a bar made of marble. The cuisine, which is curated by Chef Sotiris Kontizas, expresses a highly cosmopolitan mood, where materials and ideas from Japan, Vietnam, Korea and China are mixed with Greek products and cooking techniques to provide a menu that is in line with the global mood of our era (31-33, Voulis Str.).