www.xrysoiskoufoi.gr: The new website of the major restaurant-awarding institution

The “Toques d’Or”, the renowned restaurant-awarding institution that dates back to 1993, now has an independent online presence of its own. In the pages of www.xrysoiskoufoi.gr, one can find spicy details and funny videos of the award ceremonies and great culinary moments “cooked” by Europe’s top chefs. As they continue browsing the site, visitors can have a better picture of the evolution of the gastronomy status of Greece and the rest of the world, and better understand the dynamics of our gastronomic actuality, now that taste and its enjoyment is a widespread noble sport. The website’s visitors can also find a detailed list of all the restaurants that have been awarded these 23 years throughout Greece, along with their description and rating, and, of course, the menus and the presentation of the distinguished foreign and Greek chefs who cooked for the award ceremonies. It is a site which is of particular interest to gastronomy fans who want to follow the developments in Greece and the world closely. It is a lively site, whose material is regularly updated, providing regular reports from the safari of the panel of judges in restaurants throughout the country that are rated in the context of the Toques d’Or and the Greek Cuisine Awards. The trends of the culinary scene and other aspects through which gastronomy is expressed (alcohol, cocktails, premium ingredients and products, etc.) are also presented and commented on, complementing and coloring a beautiful online gastronomic landscape.