Dive in Kea

I did not expected something extraordinary. We stayed on anchor on the top of the reef. As we hit the water I was amazed. Fish everywhere. We followed the wall and in a couple of minutes Ι saw this thing in front of me. Ιt was huge mighty maybe the most intriguing wreck Ι‘ve ever seen in my life! Access to Kea island is easy. You can take a flight to Athens international airport, then 20 minutes drive to Lavrio harbour, jump on  the ferry and after a quick trip that takes one hour, you are there. In the heart of Cyclades archipelago, so close but so far away. Kea, or Tzia as the locals call the island is not a massive tourism destination. You will not find huge all inclusive resorts that are cooperating with big tour operators. Your options for accommodations vary from simple rooms to let, to elegant private villas. Nice little villages, beautiful sea, nice Mediterranean cuisine, wonderful hiking trails. Kea’s highlight is scuba diving. For every level. From novice to demanding technical divers. The Steamer Patris, sunk in 1868, the French ocean liner Burdigala, sunk 1916, the world wide famous Britannic, sunk also 1916, the German military airplane Junkers 52 and so many other breathtaking dive sites for reef, drift or wall diving. For those who don’t know how to dive, there is a perfect chance to take a scuba course in a safe environment, with crystal clear transparent water. There is also a chance to do other watersports , like waterski or wakeboarding, or  take a speedboat to discover the remoted beaches of the island. At the end of the day, delicious local fish recipes, cocktails and bars will chill you out Stay tuned, summer time is coming! article by www.keadivers.com