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Must-See Kefalonia

The Greek Island of Kefalonia is less well known than its counterparts Crete and Corfu, but it is no less beautiful or alluring. This is the island that provided the setting to Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and the 2001 film adaptation brought this gorgeous isle to the masses, inspiring many a visitor. We’ve rounded up the destinations not to be missed whilst holidaying in Kefalonia to ensure that you make the most out of a visit. Swim Over Loggerhead Turtles Swimming with turtles is a dream for many people, although most think that you have to travel long and far to achieve this. However, that is not the case – you can fulfil these dreams much closer to home. Kefalonia is a nesting ground for loggerhead turtles, and these large turtles can be seen in the waters off many of the beaches. Keep your goggles on, and your eyes peeled to be in with a chance to swim alongside these incredible creatures. Take A Gondola Ride Over Melissani Lake This lake in a cave has an incredible blue hue, lit up by the sky above (the top of the cave collapsed years ago). You can take gondola-esque rides (complete with serenading) in to this beauty spot, making it a romantic day trip for couples. The sound of the singing is amplified by the acoustics of this incredible space. Try shouting out to test it for yourself. Explore The Drogarati Caves This expansive cave has a ceiling of stalagmites and stalactites creating an incredibly eerie atmosphere, in a space which looks almost other-worldly. There is a stage in one of the chambers, creating a wholly unique performance space. The caves are open from 8am – 8pm, every day between April and October. Go Swimming At Myrtos Beach Myrtos Beach has, on a number of occasions, won the accolade of Best Beach in Greece which in a country adorned with gorgeous beaches is quite a feat. Bordered by lush green cliffs, and decked with bright white pebbles, Myrtos Beach makes quite the dramatic sight. The water is clear, cool and inviting so go on, venture in and forget your worries. Drink In The View At Assos Assos is overlooked by a 16th century fort, and it is as though time stands still in this sleepy village. The village is home to tavernas where you can drink in the evening with the locals, and restaurants where the fish cooked is fresh from the sea. If all of this sounds far too languid for you, be sure to take the hike up to the ruins where the views of the village and surrounding seas are truly breathtaking. article by see original article here