Secret Greece: Three unique carnival celebrations

This year, Carnival begins on the 21st of February and lasts until the first Monday in Lent, giving the signal for happenings – masquerades, dances, and songs – throughout the country. The most famous Carnival is that of Patra. However, if you feel like getting to know age-old traditional customs, you can visit the island of Naxos in the Cyclades. There, the strange figures of the “Koudounati”, the “Kordelati” and the “Satyrs” upset the island’s villages loudly ringing their bells. In the island of Skyros, in the Sporades, the “Old Man” and his beloved “Corela” are the central figures and stroll around the island’s alleys. The city of Naoussa in Northern Greece is also famous for its Carnival. Every year, the “Genitsari” and the “Bules” revive a custom that dates back to the 18th century in the scenic city, which is also known for its “Xinomavro” wine: it is produced in nearby wineries that are open to the public.