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Koukaki is Athens’ new hot neighbourhood

A formerly low-profile neighborhood at the foot of the Acropolis, home to several service stations and body shops in the past, Koukaki has evolved over the last year in the hottest fun spot in the city, as new hangouts with an alternative character open one after the other. The tour begins from the “Bell Ray” (88, Falirou Str.), which is housed in an old service station that turned into an all-day industrial space, with large windows, tasty snacks, and lovely cocktails, where you’ll find it hard to get a table. The wine bar “Boheme Bourgeois” (36, Anastasiou Zinni Str.) prefers wines from the Greek vineyard, which come with cheeses and cold cuts. Right next door to it (34, A. Zinni Str.), you’ll find the “I Fabrika tou Efrosinou”, namely the factory of Efrosinos – the patron saint of cooks – with plenty of meze dishes and stews. At the “Monsieur Barbu” (59, Falirou Str.) and the “Hops” (10, Drakou Str.) nice, juicy burgers take centre stage, while the “Lotte” (2, Tsami Karatasou Str.) has an air of Parisian bistro. The “Kinono” (48, Falirou Str.), which is a new arrival, is a well-lit all-day corner place with a large bar, an inclusive cocktail list, and exquisite accompaniments, well-known DJs at the decks and large areas in the mezzanine and the basement for exhibitions and one-off performances. For handmade jewelry and other decorative items, check out “Psit!” (9, Veikou Str.), and for funky clothes – also handmade – go to the “Lovecuts” (2, Veikou Str.), right across the street. Complete your tour with a visit to the “State of Concept”, a nonprofit gallery found at No. 19, Tousa Botsari Str.