Gentrification alert: the district of Troumba revives

Troumba, a former red-light district in the area of the port of Piraeus, seems to be reborn from its ashes, as new, neat all-day bars keep springing up where old houses of ill fame and cinemas showing porn movies used to be. The “Troubar” (131, Filonos Street), in the style of an old cabaret, opened a year or so ago and is run by a group of five friends who engage in advertising and film productions. The “Lola’s” (14, 2nd Merarchias Street) is a lively and busy all-day bar, which has just celebrated its first anniversary in a place with industrial elements, steel fixtures and unusual cocktails. At the friendly, spacious and new “Barouge” (91, Filonos Street), a life-size cargo container and a portrait of Marilyn Monroe add colour to the industrial grey setting while, apart from alcohol, finger food is also served. The new arrivals include the “Madama” (at the junction of 9, Merarchias Street & 101, Filonos Street) that stretches over two splendidly arranged spaces; and the “Beluga” (8-10, 2nd Merarchias Street) that shares four levels. Just before Christmas, the “Skaraveos” (76, Filonos Str.) joined the ever growing company in the area.