Three ideas for deli eating & shopping

The “smart” spots where you can buy quality Greek deli products from small producers and also taste them on the spot, taking a quick break from work or shopping, are the new trend in Athens. In the heart of the central Kolonaki district, the “Kostarelos Cheese Dairy” (30-32, Patriarchou Ioakim Str.) is the new concept store of the Kostarelos family, which has a long tradition in dairy products: there, apart from filling your basket with cheeses, cured meats and lots of other products, you can sit at a table and try salads, grilled cheese with grape and thyme vinaigrette and hot or cold sandwiches. An excellent option for those who decide to explore the central market of Athens is the “Fani’s Karmanlidika” at the junction of Sokratous Street and Evripidou Street. Have a quick drink, pairing it with top-of-the-line spicy cured meats, while, across the room, Fanis cuts pastirma, smoked ham, Greek pastrami and all sorts of cheese. “Ergon” is one of the pioneers of the particular concept and now its stores that offer packaged deli products and suggestions for food are present also abroad. In Athens, “Ergon” is found in the Nea Erithrea district (125, Harilaou Trikoupi Avenue), in the city’s northern suburbs.