Enticing Edessa

To me, Edessa is a place I can feel at home and also the place the majority of my relatives live. There is family around and many people to see and visit. Something I always can’t wait to see is the stunning view of Edessa’s surrounds from the point called ‘Psilo Vraho’ (literally translated as tall cliff). It is green, mountainous and dotted with fields and villages. In the distance you can see a monastery called ‘Agia Triada’ (Holy Trinity) and almost right beside it is an area named Logos – the Ancient City of Edessa.  There, ancient streets remain, columns still stand and the foundations of ancient buildings long gone are still visible. From Logos you can hear the nearby rumble of Edessa’s famous waterfall, Karanos. A restaurant sits above the cliff, allowing you to sip your frappe while taking in the stunning views. I visited Karanos first, I visit the waterfall every time I am in Edessa. It is a majestic sight to see and I admired the strength of the sheet of water pouring down, creating a mist as it falls on the rocks below. Some years the flow is stronger than others depending on rainfall. This year it seemed like the flow was quite strong, the water powering down the river running through the town before bursting from the waterfall’s crest. Nearby, tourist shops abound with local produce and a variety of souvenirs. The town centre is not far, which is filled with more shops and cafes. Edessa is a city where you can walk everywhere, it’s small enough that it can be done without too much hassle. Getting to Logos requires some planning as it isn’t right in Edessa, it’s down the mountain before you reach the city of Edessa. My uncle kindly drove me and the place was quiet when we arrived. I wondered if there was someone in the building over near the main gate but the fence itself is open at various points along the perimeter. As such, I simply went in. I half expected a dog to come bounding out at me at any moment or a security guard to arrive. Keeping this in mind, my visit was quick. I walked through the site, read the signs, took photographs and got out. Good thing too as the man in the main building only saw me as I was leaving, two dogs started barking and running out the main gate towards me but they were called back by the man. I was a fair way down the road where the fence was open so I wasn’t afraid of the dogs getting me but I still went back to the car to quickly leave, just in case.
I spent many happy moments in Edessa, enjoyed the environment, the views and the close proximity to other stunning areas such as Agras and its surrounding wetlands and the hot springs of Loutra Pozar.
article by Tia Mitsis www.facebook.com/tiamitsis & greektravelodyssey.wordpress.com see original article here