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Santorini: A dream come true moment

From Athens, I continued on my Greek adventure to Santorini. My trip began at 7 am from the Port of Piraeus where I took a ferry ride to Santorini. Taking a ferry is not a waste of time for me, aside from looking at the sea there is a lot of entertainment inside. Although it took a hefty eight hours, we got to stop off at the four beautiful islands of Syros, Paros, Naxos and Ios. The boat journey was lovely and I eventually arrived in Santorini by 3 pm. Finally! It was a dream-come-true-moment. This island is so picturesque and every photographers dream. I hopped on a bus from the port and was driven to my hotel in the capital of Fira. Once at my hotel I wasted no time heading out to explore the city. I quickly shoveled in some food and headed to Oia to witness the incredible sunset. The scenery along the way was just as breathtaking and beautiful as the main attraction which I witnessed from atop the Castle of Oia. I felt so lucky, I can only see these gorgeous views in the magazine and that time was surreal. The crowd was mesmerized by the view but as soon as the sun went down, there was a mad dash to get aboard the last bus back to Fira. Starving by that point, I made it back to the city and found myself a barbeque restaurant where I ordered as much meat as I could to satisfy my hunger. Afterwards, I met up with a group of people from Couchsurfing. We capped our day off having a few beers and fun conversation. I went back to my hotel quite late, but totally happy. My second day was a busy one! I met up with two friends (a Kiwi and a Canadian) and had breakfast. We planned out the day over our meals. The island is accessible either by taxi, bus or rent a car. But what’s the best way? Renting an an ATV car (4X4 car) for the day. The black sand beach was our first stop where we raced around in the sand and took breaks by the water. Having the car was total freedom and we took it up to an archeological site on the top of Messavouno Mountain. The view from the top was spectacular as we got to look out over the entire Aegean island. Since the sunset night before was so stunning. We drove back to Oia to witness it again, followed by a romantic dinner. It was a once in a lifetime experience having luxury dinner with my new found friend Ashleigh while catching the perfect view of sunset. It was magical. After a drive on the dark and winding road back to Fira, we ate yet again, having Souvlaki this time and headed out for a night of partying, downing beers and spirits. I don’t mind what people say but that night is truly a night to remember. Dancing like there’s no tomorrow, bottomless shot of sex-by-the-beach and laughing out loud with good friends. Wow whatta night! I don’t regret any of it. I’m not getting any younger so I’m living my life to fullest. Eventually, we wandered back to the hotel, drunk and happy. Needing to recover from my wild evening, I woke up quite late on my last day and took my time enjoying the free breakfast from the hotel. I met up with my friend from the day before and we took the car to visit the archeological site of Akrotiri, the associated museum, the red beach, Tower of Nimborio and Pyrgos Castle. We spent hours driving up, down and along the zigzag pathways that lead you past the famous white stone houses, and blue-domed churches. I spent the evening watching the sunset in Fira with my good friend Ashleigh and got emotional as we had to part ways. As she sent me off at the airport around 9 pm for Vienna, I knew that we would stay friends for a long time. Yet again, I had another great adventure with new friends and new experiences. No words can express how happy I am. There was no lost baggage or pickpockets this time, only beautiful sunsets and exciting road trips. I promise myself to visit again Santorini. article by see full article here