Twelve reasons to visit Greece

One of the main objectives of Greek tourism is the prolongation of the tourist season. HATTA has mobilized all forces at its disposal to make the goal of twelve months tourism in Greece a reality, while considering as essential the channelling of the efforts of every entity in the country into this direction. HATTA has already created “Dódeka” (Twelve), a dynamic proposal aiming at enriching our tourist product and prolonging the tourist season, which comprises thematic and special interest activities as well as the promotion of lesser-known tourist destinations. It is a sectoral initiative from which new tourism products will emerge for our country, a necessary element to redefine Greece as a favorite destination for international tourists, while at the same time signaling the start of our initiatives and actions.  It is our aspiration for the inexhaustible program of activities of Dódeka, after being enriched and processed, to become a toolbox to be utilized not only by the Greek tour operators and travel agents, but also by their international networks. It is common knowledge that tour operators and travel agents are, internationally, the producers and distribution network of the tourism product, being principally engaged in the composition of the individual tourist products, as well as their promotion, advertising and sale. The topics of “Dódeka” comprise a wealth of information for Greek and foreign travellers, who, in this way, will find out that Greece has indeed beautiful beaches and sun (two natural treasures that have made our country known all over the world), but can also offer unique experiences due to its unique nature, mountains, ski resorts, the lesser-known destinations, tradition, art etc. In this way, a vision of many years, the twelve month tourism for our country, will soon become reality. In more detail, the action plan is as follows:
  • We celebrate Christmas and New Year since November! Pilot program “Dódeka” starts with the two large cities that have the potential to support tourism all twelve months of the year, Athens and Thessaloniki, and it expands the boundaries to the islands of the Saronic gulf, as well as to Meteora. We celebrate Christmas and New Year since the beginning of November, with musical bands in the streets of these two major municipalities, with lightings, street performances and offers and special fares by hotels and airlines.
  • The Olympic Legends. In the most important athletic stadiums (Ancient Olympia, Olympic Athletic Center of Athens, Panathenaic Stadium (the “Kallimarmaro”) the visitors of our country will be able to participate in the simpler Olympic sports, following the original ritual of the Olympic Games, and earn the honorary olive branch of the winner. Thus, the traveler to our country will partake of the rich Greek athletic heritage.
  • Partnerships. Important people from different backgrounds join forces for the implementation of “Dódeka”: the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece, university professors of Astronomy and Archaeology, the Nature Conservation Company, scientific partners…, because we must guarantee the validity of the information that reaches the traveller as well as the professional.
  • Promotion. Upon completion, “Dódeka” will be promoted by HATTA, the Federation of Hellenic Associations of Travel and Tourist Agencies (FedHATTA) and their respective members in all tourist fairs and roadshows wordwide, thus ensuring the continuity and consistency of its communication, as well as the fact that its activation and practical implementation will begin the soonest possible, as an extra action for the international promotion of Greece.
The twelve themes presenting the Greek tourism product are the following:
  • Religious and Pilgrimage Tourism in Greece. Recording of all historic monasteries and churches of Christendom. Footsteps of St. Paul in Greece. Memories of the writing of the Book of Revelations and the journey of John and the Virgin Mary. Recording of the Jewish synagogues and memorials and of monuments of Muslim interest. Because tourism unites and concerns us all.
  • Athletic Tourism – Activities in Nature. Greece gave form to athleticism and it is time to remember the value of “fair play”. Recording of all places where one can enjoy activities in nature.
  • Sight-seeing Tourism / Twelve Gods of Mount Olympus. Indicative recording of temples and oracles built by the Greeks to honor the twelve gods of Olympus. Twelve plus One: Zeus, Hera, Hestia, Poseidon, Demeter, Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, Ares, Hephaestus, Hermes, Athena and Dionysus. Places were worshiping ceremonies were performed. The Greek Tradition waiting to be explored. This program has been compiled with the help of a professor of Archaeology.
  • Greek Yachting and Cruise. The way to visit the small and big islands of Greece, well-known and less-known, by means until now thought to be expensive and inapproachable. Your communication with the travel agencies will show you that they are affordable and ready to offer you unforgettable experiences.
  • Therapeutic Tourism and Wellness. An acquaintance with the hot springs of Greece, known since antiquity. Wellness services throughout Greece.
  • Cultural Tourism. The art of Greece, from ancient drama (the trademark of Greek culture) to modern art galleries, performances, concerts.
  • Green Greece. The Nature of Greece, its particularities, the mountains, ski centers, wetlands, forests, rivers, lakes. Oases for a getaway at all seasons.
  • Tradition of Greece. Documentation of traditional and religious fairs all over Greece. Costumes, music, traditional instruments.
  • The Taste of Greece - Agrotourism. Traditional products in every area, food tasting, wine tasting. Agrotourism.
  • Day and Night in Greece. Shopping, Night Life… The best way to get to know a city is to walk its streets, see its products, have fun.
  • Exhibitions and Conferences. Organisation of tourism or other exhibitions, conferences, conference rooms.
  • NAtour. Protection of wildlife that chose Greece for their survival, in an environment worth visiting. The Brown Bear, the seal Monachus-Monachus, the turtle Caretta-Caretta.
  • 12+1: Innovations in Tourism of Greece. This category presents the new products, as well as new ideas aiming at the expansion of tourist services in the country. First product: “Greece from a Balloon”. An option already established in Cappadocia, which now arrived in our country.
Greece awaits you to discover it! Our travel companions in the program “Dódeka” are our Sponsors AEGEAN AIRLINES, WIND HELLAS