August and September... the months of harvesting the vineyards!

The sweet scent of grapes and raisins is diffuse on the whole island during August and September. It is the time when the Zakynthians gather their grapes. The Zakynthians have always been farmers working the land.In winter time they pick up their olives while in summer they carefully gather first their raisins and then their grapes. The raisin is the product that helped financially the Zakynthians even during the very difficult times. A high percentage of the production has always been exported giving remarkable profits. Since then the cultivation of raisins has become a family tradition. Raisins... the "black" sweet of Zakynthos island The raisin is a product that needs care throughout the year. The whole family work together when thew time of the harvest comes. When the raisin is ready it is cut, put in baskets and carried in the threshing floor.There it is laid very carefully and  patiently on special cloths in order to be "burnt" from the sun so that we have this tasty fruit .... the raisin! I bet you will have tasted raisin bread or other sweets made with raisins. I myself reccommend to taste the Zakynthian "halva with raisins" ( sweet made with symigdalas and syrop), "loukoumades" (donuts) or even the new product of the island raisins in black chocolate, a delicious sweet appropriate also for those who have a low calory diet. Grapes.... the fruit of wine Zakynthos island is also famous for its wine. Most of the Zakynthian families have their own home production and are always willing to share their wine with friends and guests. The soil of the island is very fertile and  in combination with the rain during the winter offer a special colour and a unique flavour in the grapes used to produce our wine. You can visit one of the wine factories and see for yourselves the process and taste different flavours of the local wine.  While being on Zakynthos island do not hesitate to buy a zakynthian bottle of wine or taste the home producted wine served in taverns and restaurants. Depending on the variety of the grapes the flavour of each wine is different. There is the variety "Avgoustiatis" that is cultivated mostly on the mountains of Zakynthos, the varieties "Skiadopoulos", "Savatiano" and Goustolidi" flavours that you will definitely love. It's the tradition of the islanders to produce their home goods. They are always willing to share them with their guests full of pride and generosity mood!   Κ.Γ. Zantehotels4u.com & Bookzante.com (the locals suggests)