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The Peloponnese, as experienced

I recall waking up at 6am to the sound of cicadas on a nearby island. Opening my eyes, I saw perfectly blue skies, and felt morning dew on my feet. I looked over at Stevo lying next to me, and realized that we had just spent our first night on a sailing boat, drifting gently to the wake of the Aegean Sea. This was the first of four nights we would spend on Naziara, the floating vessel we would temporarily call home. We enjoyed three beautiful weeks exploring the Peloponnese. From 40 degree walks through olive groves, and sunset yoga classes on the beach, to traditional Greek dinners with fellow travelers and an epic five-day sailing trip, our visit to Greece was definitely one for the memory bank. Poros (Πόρος) The first island on our itinerary, and the prettiest rock formation we had the pleasure of viewing almost everyday at sunset, was Poros. This island’s charm and mystery would provoke any traveler. Cycling through the winding roads you’ll find many beaches and bays screaming for you to enjoy them, (preferably with cold beverage in hand). Spetses (Σπέτσες) The island of the Greek elite, Spetses comes alive when the sun goes down. Ferry-light-lit bars and restaurants, hosting young and old, create a buzz that can be heard for miles. The sound of horse-drawn carriages riding along the promenade is synonymous with Spetses, and definitely adds a fairy tale twist to the visit. Hydra (Ύδρα) Definitely our favourite of the three islands, the town of Hydra is a jewel, positioned around a crescent-shaped harbour that holds anchored vessels, four-boats deep. As you lose yourself climbing the steep stone streets, or enjoy sunbathing on the unique rock-formed beach, the island’s magical aura will suck you in, begging you not to leave. After enjoying only 24-hours on this island, we certainly understood why so many of the world’s rich and famous choose Hydra as their holiday spot. Chanel Cartell of How Far From Home See original article here