Fava beans combined with sautéed capers... A recipe with identity!

When the original fava from the picturesque, volcanic island of Santorini, meets wild capers, the result is a unique flavor which promises a great gastronomic moments. Fava is one of the most renowned Greek legumes and derives from the plant vetch. It is found in many areas of countryside with the most famous area the island of Santorini. The volcanic territory offers unique organoleptic characteristics in fava, for 3,500 years! The reward for the uniqueness and unbeatable quality is its characterization as a product of Protected Designation of Origin. Fava is characterized by bright yellow, sweetish taste, distinctive flavor and high nutritional value. The traditional way of serving combines the wonderful flavor of fava with the fiery nature of the unique caper. The caper from Santorini  can be found on the cliffs of Caldera and on the stone walls of the island. It is collected by hand and has a special character which is inextricably linked with the Greek land and the Greek summer. Bring the unique aromas of Santorini to your table by tasting the combination of these two ingredients article by yolenis - Aggeliki Panagopoulou see recipe here