Fourni Korseon: Twenty islands, a paradise trip!

Fourni is a complex of twenty islands located between Ikaria and Samos islands. The complex comprises the islands Fourni, Thymena and tens of rocky islets, such as Agios Minas, Alatonisi, Mikros and Megalos Antrhopofas, Thymenaki, Kisiria, Makronisi, Petrokavo, Plakaki and Stroggilo. Where to go: Chora is the best starting point to get to know Fourni. Houses with yards full of flowers, built amphitheatrically over the port, plastered mulberries and picturesque coffee shops create a unique scenery. You can continue your tour by visiting Kampi and its four windmills. It is the perfect place to anchor and swim as it is fully sheltered from Meltemi winds (the Etesians). Next stop: Chrisomilia with the wonderful beach and two taverns by the sea.  Surrender to the lure of sea breeze and relax following the rhythms of the island! But if you do feel like wandering around and explore, take the caique to Thymena.  Picturesque alleys, very few houses and magnificent beaches; it is absolutely worth spending several hours there! Come aboard one of its motley caiques and visit the beaches of Agios Ioannis and Petrokopi. You will be astonished by their crystal clear waters! If, on the other hand, you prefer an easily accessible beach, then Psili Ammos and Kampi are the right places for you. They are accessible on foot and have a beach bar. Other beautiful beaches worth knowing and swimming are: Kamari, Mpali, Elidaki, Vitsilia, Vlychada, Koumara, Ampelos, Agia Triada and Keramidou. What to see: Admire the parts of the ancient Acropolis' walls and a sarcophagus on top of Saint George's hill. Visit Kamari to discover the ruins of an ancient settlement expanding from the hill's slopes to inside the sea! In the courtyard of Saint Taksiarchis church, you will be astonished to see the stripped columns from granite, tufa and marble. The same goes for the roman sarcophagus of Chora. It follows Alexandria's style and is decorated with embossed crowns of ivy leaves and roses. Historic sightseeing continues at the old quarry at Petrokopi, with columns' shafts and an impressive capital of the ionic order and on the hill of Agia Triada at Chrisomilia with the tower of the Hellenistic era. At the same place, you will see the altar's recess and the floor of an older church. What to eat: Fourni is the ideal destination for those who love fine food, fish and seafood.  At the island's taverns you will find pandoras, dentexes, seabreams, dusky groupers and octopus, shortfin squids, oysters and delicious lobsters that fill your everyday table and make every meal a true feast for your taste buds. What is more, you should definitely try the tasty mizithra of Fourni as well as other cheese products of the island such as the "cheese of wax" and the "cheese of brine". Don't miss the local orange juice and the delicious thyme honey of Fourni. Every year, during the last week of July, the Association of Professionals, with the support of theMunicipalityofFourni, organises the “Honey and Traditional Products Festival”. A journey at Fourni, the fjords of the Aegean, holds many hidden surprises... Come to discover them and live magic moments in a different place, unaltered over the centuries. article by www.fournikorseon.gr