Four reasons to have your September holidays in Greece

Are you having your holiday leave in September and you want to visit Greece? That’s a fantastic period and you are going to enjoy this experience a lot. Let’s see why! 1. The weather is nice Summer in Greece is usually hot and temperatures can reach up to 40C. That’s quite disturbing if you want to go around a place since you feel exhausted and too much sweaty to move. Let alone the mosquitos that are around! But…this is not the case for September. The temperature is around 30C, a fresh wind is all around and you can go everywhere you wish, without the fear of having a sunburn. 2. Not too crowded Summer months, especially August are full of visitors who want to enjoy the sun, the sea and the local life in Greece. Beach, restaurants, bars, hotels, are full of people who don’t have the choice to choose their holiday out of the summer peak. However, if you are one of those who can leave in September, you will find quiet beaches, the best places in the restaurant of your choice and available taxis all the time! 3. Affordable prices September is at the high season end so high prices period is saying goodbye to you. This is the right time to take advantage of the nice discounts and low prices that tourism businesses offer to you while you experience the same quality. A real value for money choice. 4. Start having more local feel When visitors return back to their jobs, places regain their local identity. You may now recognize the locals and why not, you can have a small chat with them in Greek. So this is the perfect time to visit Greece! article by glossopolis