Blue. White. Greece.

Summer in Greece was on the wish list since a long, long time. Everyone had been there. Everyone had said wonders. Everyone had gone gourmet there. So it was my turn to dive into Greek salads, feta, olives, oregano, blue & white landscapes and ancient culture. Armed with lonely planet, Greek gods’ myths & Greek philosophers’ book (to get in the mood) we faced it all. Worried for the financial situation (will ATMs work?), but anxious to get there we planned our trip: Athens, Syros, Tinos, Naxos & Santorini. Athens: no high (really high) temperature will stop us from facing something like this: How can a decadent landscape be such a heartbreaking experience? Syros: OMG, postcards pictures are not photo shopped! It’s for real! Tinos: the surfer’s beach pet was a little… bulky? What a thing! Naxos: If I was Ariadne, abandoned here by beloved Theseus, I would say “thanks & bye bye!”. Santorini: ok, let’s get serious now. I’m in a parallel “postcard world” universe, right? P.S. Oia I love you! What else can I say… oh yes, a few tips:
  1. Get a scooter, that’s the only way to fully appreciate Greek islands.
  2. Don’t shiver, even if Greek people seem angry and tend to be rude: it will be a 5 second thing, they’ll soon turn to be the kindest person on earth.
  3. Go for free beaches, they’re the best.
  4. Forget shoes & clothes: life is much better in swimming suite & flip flops!
Enjoy Greece. Claudia Rinaldi www.gourmetproject.net