Folegandros: the “other” Santorini

Tiny Folegandros is constantly sold out in recent years, writing one of the greatest success stories of the Greek summer. Its Hora is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved towns in the Cyclades, attracting sophisticated and alternative travelers, who love to get lost in its alleys, to stroll in the medieval settlement of Kastro and to climb to the church of Our Lady at the top of the rock. Watching the sunset from the square of Punta, a cliff that strongly reminds of the Caldera of Santorini, is another of the island’s “traditions”, before you go looking for a place in the highly popular café named “Ki araxe” – literally meaning “Park yourself” - or in “Chic”, “Spitiko” and “Eva’s Garden” restaurants. The harbor of Karavostasi and the large mountain village of Ano Meria are two other settlements of interest, as is the extensive network of paths of Folegandros. If you haven’t visited the island yet, September is ideal, as the temperatures are milder and the place is less crowded than in previous months.