The 4+1 Top experiences/Must Do on Zakynthos island

Zakynthos is an island where you can enjoy the sun and the sea.You can choose among beaches with sand or pebbles, while the sea water is shallow and warm or cool and deep next to rocky scenery. Besides a common swim you have also the chance to experience a special sea trip. Along with your family or your mates, get on Board and enjoy a sail depending on what you want to see and your budget.  1. Rent a private boat You can sail along the Ionian sea, see the South-Western side of Zakynthos, stop in any beach you wish, and dive in the blue sea water of the area just being on Board youselves and your party only. We give the chance to make this dream come true in the safest and easiest way! Picture this... you and your mate on a boat just for the two of you while  the sun sets in front of you. The perfect  scenery for the romantic couples! 2. Visit Navagio in the easiest, fastest and most affordable way The absolute summer trip in the easiest, fastest and most affordable way is here. Drive until Volimes while during the route you will have the chance to admire the Zakynthian mountains and take some amazing photos, then get on the boat; within a 20-minute-sail you will be in one of the most famous beaches of the World... Navagio stands in front of you! 3. Diving in the Blue Caves Discover and see for yourselves the legend become true in the Blue Caves. They were named like that because everything that is dipped into their sea water is magically ''painted'' blue. Get on one of the few boats that actually can enter the caves in the most affordable and easiest way.Gain the experience of swimming there, where everyone and everything become blue, under the shadow of wild rocks. 4.See the caretta caretta turtles The caretta-caretta turtles prefer the Mediterranean and especially the Zakythian coasts to lay their eggs. Here, under the hot sand the tiny turtles try to find their way from the coast to the sea. I could never imagine how impressed I would be at the sight of this unique animal but believe me I was thrilled when I first met a turtle. Get on the boat that will take you near the carettas. Also discover a part of the south western island with clear, blue sea water and plenty of caves. 5. Travel to Navagio in private luxury There is only one way to make true the dream of making a summer trip in privacy, luxury, on a boat just for you and your party. Renting a private boat with the capacity to accommodate up to ten persons absolutely safe and insured, you will have the chance to reach Navagio the time you choose. You can decide where and for how long you stop, see almost the whole island, sunbathing  on the boat or on a deserted beach you find during the sail. Enjoy this special day and make the most uinique memories during your holiday on the island of Zakynthos. article and photoes by blog.zantehotels4u.com