Navagio - Shipwreck

Starting you tour around the coast of Zakynthos you will leave behind the picturesque bay of Porto Vromi and will head towards the famous beach of Shipwreck. This is the most famous beach of Zakynthos, a world famous attraction. The myth and history of Shipwreck beach starts back in 1980’s. The owner of the ship "Panayiotis" Haris Kompotheklas, transported by his ferry smuggled cigarettes from the ports of Yugoslavia and Albania. Then with the help of his ship crew he reloaded the cargo at high speed boats with destination to Italy. In addition to the accompaniment of his Greek crew the captain was obliged to be also accompanied by two Italian smugglers. During one of these transfers, the captain with the help of his crew arrested and imprisoned the two Italians in order to exploit the smuggled goods to his advantage. He directed the ship to the current Shipwreck beach or else bay Spyrili and waited. However, due to unexpected bad weather conditions, he was forced to ground on the shallows of the bay. Trying to dislodge the ship he and the crew began to unload the smuggled cargo. During this effort part of the cargo was carried away by waves and was dispersed in the area. The captain, after his misfortune, had to abandon his ship and release the Italians. The next day the local residents, facing the floating cigarettes, which were so packed that it was indestructible, took and hid them in various hiding places of the village. When the incident became known to the authorities, the captain and his crew was arrested, the smuggled cigarettes were seized and after the trial, the people involved were convicted for smuggling and the smuggled cargo was sold at auction. The Italians were deported to their homeland. What remains of this history to remind us this legend of the island until today, is a rusty hull on the white sandy beach. The peculiarity of the landscape and the curiosity of people for ‘’old stories from the chest’’ have made shipwreck beach famous worldwide. It is one of the most photographed and famous locations. The natural beauty combined with human intervention is a global phenomenon. article by Renata Boat