A Jazz breeze blew in Tinos

Tinos is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating islands of the Cyclades, with a fragrance of thriving authenticity. In ancient times, it was known as Hydroussa, because of its abundant water, or as Ofiousa and Fidousa, because of a species of cedar that flourished on the island and was called "fides" or "efides". Today, it is known as the "islandof Aeolus", because of the common strong north winds. Yet, at the end of July this year, at usually "breezy" Tinos, prevailed stillness and humidity. What relieved the locals and the (numerous) visitors alike of the wet heat, was the cool breeze that was scattered by the 6th Tinos Jazz Festival, from the 18th to the 29th of July. Initiator of the festival, is the Tinian jazz musician (saxophone) Thomas Alvertis, who started the event in 2009, appointing as its first Artistic Director, the internationally acclaimed Greek jazz pianist George Kontrafouris, and seeking to establish a permanent institution. "Tinos has a great tradition in sculpture, the marble crafts and the visual arts in general, but not in music" he said, speaking to reporters a few days before the start of this year's events. “This is why Tinos Jazz Festival surprised everyone with its success, which is being translated into a warm reception by the local community, but also its validity nationwide. What I seek, being a local jazz musician, is to advertise the island, as a means of reciprocating to the Tinians their love and acceptance of the event. " The theme of this year's festival was Jazz Tinians”, as most artists who participated were born, live in or regularly visit Tinos, keeping with the island a relationship of unaltered devotion. Among them, singers Miranda Verouli and Thomai Apergi, guitarist Kyriaki Vidali, dancer Georgia Rapti, radio producer and dj Lucas Dimitrellos, as well as bassist Peter Klampanis, who was recently described by the prestigious American music magazine “JazzTimes” as “an amazing bassist and composer”. All events took place in the courtyard of the 1st Primary School in Chora, the capital of Tinos, next to the fascinating Archeological Museum and very close to the imposing Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, made of Tinian and Parian marble, a place of nationwide pilgrimage, especially on the 15th of August. However, the goal of Thomas Alvertis is for the events to be spread throughout the island, thus allowing visitors to become acquainted with the incomparable, mostly mountainary hinterland, with its dozens of villages, the amazing local architecture, the "emblematic" dovecotes, the wonderful thematic museums, the Orthodox and Catholic churches and monasteries, the unspoilt nature, the extensive network of trails, the beautiful beaches, but also the exquisite local gastronomy. In that, would contribute the fact that Tinos has many venues with a great ambience, that can accommodate high-level events: in Chora, besides the 1st Elementary School, there is the impressive mansion of the Cultural Foundation of Tinos and the Old Slaughterhouses near the port; in Xinara village (8 km. north of Chora) the former building of the Catholic Archdiocese; the Exhibition Cultural Centre in the village of Arnados (9 km. north of Chora) with its spectacular views of the Aegean Sea; the plane tree covered square of Dio Choria (9 km. north of Chora), the historical Monastery of the Ursulines (1882) at the village of Loutra (10 km. north of Chora), the impressive hill of Exomvourgo (11 km. north of Chora), where was built the ancient city and the Venetian castle of the island; the amphitheaters made of stone in the villages of Koumaros (10 km. north of Chora) and Volax (11 km. north of Chora), both located at a place of unique beauty, due to its impressive granite blocks; in the theater that does justice to its name: Kalloni - Beauty (14 km. north-west of Chora); the square - “balcony" overlooking the Aegean Sea in green Kardiani (16 km. north-west of Chora); the medieval Isternia (18 km. west of Chora), home to many leading Greek sculptors; the beautiful “village of the artists” Pyrgos (30 km. north-west of Chora), with the great tradition in sculpture and some excellent museums (The House of Giannoulis Halepas, The Museum of Tinian Artists, The Museum of Marble Crafts), and so on. In other words, if until now you had many reasons to visitTinosfrequently, now you have an additional strong incentive: Tinos Jazz Festival, an institution that "came" to the island six years ago, aiming to remain for many more years to come… Yannis Rangos Journalist / Writer photos by © Spiros Katopodis www.vi3w.com