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From Hong Kong to Santorini – Honeymoon

The beautiful locations on greek islands on Mykonos and Santorini in Cyclades or Kefalonia in Ionian Islands create a magical atmosphere for wedding or honeymoon. Neo and Nancy a beautiful young couple from Hong Kong chose Santorini for their honeymoon destination. When they were planning their honeymoon,  they saw these pictures of Santorini in a famous wedding magazine and wanted to experience themselves the greek summer. The sounds and colors, the sea and sky of the greek islands. Santorini is known to be the more picturesque island of the Cyclades. And for good reasons. The light and architecture is so unique there. We had the opportunity to take pictures in Imerovigli and Oia, two of the most renown places in Santorini. The couple was so easy going and we all had fun! I hope these images from their honeymoon will remind them what a great time they had in Santorini. article by photographer Elias Kordelakos see full article here