Greece… an endless journey to culture and gastronomy!

Visitors from all around the world are attracted by the Greek culture and tradition, where taste and indulgence are of core importance to the everyday of the locals. Greek vacations are closely linked to the countryside, not only because of its unmeasured beauty, but also for the vast variety of delicious and beneficiary food products that come from the Greek countryside. Visitors are now getting to know, to investigate and to be fascinated by everything that offers pleasant culinary moments; especially when they can experience the production process. This is the secret for beginning and developing the culinary tourism! What began as a form of alternative tourism, now allows Greece to be considered among the most popular gastronomic destinations worldwide… Its principle: the continuous development of the Greek tourism professionals, in combination with the progress and the artistry of the Greek producers. Tourism agencies organize complete culinary trips around Greece, promote wine tourism, and bring visitors closer to the Greek land. Operated all-year-round, in multiple locations, the guided tours, tastings and encounters with the producers and the countryside, are taking place in a unique setting. Producers make effective use of their infrastructure by creating spaces that can host people, from all around the globe. Also, tasting rooms, collections and museums, guesthouses, are some of the elements that offer comfort and luxury for visitors’ accommodation. Nobody is left untouched by the notion of handmade and artisanal creations, or the products of zero preservatives. Producers are proud of this and the tourists can enjoy it, in any given opportunity. The Greek Breakfast is the primal ambassador of all the above. Rich, healthy and delectable, it is served in more and more hotel facilities. The development is rapid and constantly impressive – confirming that expertise and artistry can make wonders. Each place is endowed with unmeasured beauty and endless natural pleasantness that make it possible even for the most remote corners of Greece to be known by visitors. Yoleni’s is receiving all the above stimuli and driven by the excellence and the locality, looks for small-scale producers, people of passion and artistry, knowledgeable the benefits of pure ingredients. Following the paths of tradition, they highlight the gastronomic wealth of Greece! article by Yoleni's