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Let's start a ride around Zakinthian Coast

Zakynthos Island, also known as Fior di Levante, is the third largest island of the Ionian Islands. It is an island enriched by natural beauty, full of amazing beaches and magical caves ready to be explored. Its visitors and tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the combination between the green nature and the blue sea and to meet not only the known, but also the unknown, mystic beauty of the island that few are privileged to know. Just contact the right people and through their help the island will reveal its hidden beauties and greatness of Zakynthian natural and marine beauty. Start your dreamy ride around the island of Zakynthos from the village Maries. The village is located on the northwest side of the island and belongs to the municipality of Elaties. It is a small mountain village located 30 km away from the town of Zakynthos. Its story begins many years ago and owes its name to the religion of Christianity. This village was the center from where during 34 A.D.  Maria Magdalene and Maria Klopa started teaching and disseminating Christianity towards the whole Europe. In honor of these two women the village was named Maries. According to religious tradition, when a ship with destination to Rome that carried Maria Magdalene and Maria Klopa grounded, due to bad weather conditions, on the bay of Porto Vromi, a shepherd carried Maria Magdalene on his shoulder towards the village. As Maria Magdalene touched a rock to rest her handprint was carved on this rock. The church of the village was named in honor of Maria Magdalene and Maria Klopa. This tradition is honored with reverence every year on 22 July. If you happen to be that day in Maries do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the village feast and have fun hanging out with the locals. After having left behind the village of Maries, head to the west coast of Zakynthos and specifically to the bay of Porto Vromi. The picturesque bay of the area is approximately seven kilometers away from Maries. The visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful sight. The landscape is surrounded by tall, white cliffs and crystal blue waters. The area is flooded by greenery and is full of pine trees and shrubs. At this point you can start your trip to the beach Shipwreck and the surrounding beaches and areas. Select one of the boats that ground on the bay and visit the beach Shipwreck, explore the beautiful caves of the island, such as the cave Maravelia, the cave Saint Dionysios and the cave of the Seal, swim in the clear blue waters of the beach Sfogio, Glyko Nero and Ladi and explore the sea kingdom and the natural beauty of the island. article by