How to behave when you are invited in a Greek house for food

Greeks adore food! Their cuisine is an authentic sample of Mediterranean nutrition and its healthy ingredients make it one of the most delicious cuisines of the whole world. Also Greeks, especially mothers, adore cooking. Food is considered as an action of love and team building so when people feed you that’s a very good sign! Being famous for their hospitality Greeks like to invite foreigners in their houses and have lunch or dinner altogether! But when you visit a Greek house, you should have in mind some cultural tips in order to better immerse into the culture and enjoy the experience with your new friends!
  1. Be hungry
Be absolutely hungry! You can’t say ‘’ Sorry, I had lunch earlier I am not that hungry’’ because it is considered as an insult! Your table will be full of food and people will expect you to have a full plate filled twice or three times. When you eat the food that the hostess cooked for you, people feel you like it and you make them happy!
  1. Bring a present
It is considered polite not to appear with empty hands.  You can buy something like; sweets, a bottle of wine or flowers. The hostess will offer the sweet after the food so that everybody will try it and is very common that everybody brings sweets so you finish your meal with 5 or 6 kinds of cakes waiting for you. Flowers are immediately decorated in a vase as a sign of gratitude. Wine is served during the meal and when you clink glasses you say ‘’Yamas’’ that means ‘’Cheers’’ in Greek.
  1. Share the food
Greeks love sharing things so that their food tradition is based on sharing the salads, the appetizers and they put many things in the middle so as to take from there. You will have your own course but it’s very common that this lovely pie will fly over your head and be landed in your plate without being asked, just because you have to try it.
  1. Be social
That means ‘’listen to the surgery story of the grandmother next to you’’, or ‘’the picking up of the olives from the trees’’ narration or any other story you can’t imagine. Sometimes people may talk to you in Greek but if you throw them some words in the local language and show effort they will just adore you.
  1. Take some extra food
After having all this boost of social food and drink experience, you can’t leave with empty hands as well. If the hostess insists on giving you some food in a packet for tomorrow, do not hesitate to take it. It shows care from their side and gratitude from your side. Because despite all the calories you may gain you will also take a part of the Greek generous culture with you! article by glossopolis