Postcards from Greece

The well-travelled and famous American author Elisabeth Gilbert affirms that Zagori is the most beautiful place on earth. The well known American author and journalist, Elisabeth Gilbert, who wrote the international bestseller “Eat, Pray, Love” that was adapted to a film, in 2010, starring Julia Roberts, Javier Berdam, James Franco, Billy Crudup, and Richard Jenkins, has appointed herself official spokesperson for Zagori. The prominent writer visited Zagori and was awed by the unique beauty of the area. She claimed that: “I’ve just spent four days in the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen on earth”. She was dazzled by the captivating landscapes that she captured with her camera and by the local restaurants and hotels, such as Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas in Aristi, Astra in Megalo Papingo, and Thoukididis in Kapesovo. In her Facebook post, which has so far received 12,127 likes, 2,003 shares, and 905 comments, she stated: “Dear Ones - I've just spent four days in the most beautiful place I've ever seen on earth — Zagorohoria, Greece. If ever you have the opportunity to visit Zagorohoria, do try to come to this place. You will never regret it. This is not a version of Greece that you have ever seen, or ever dreamed of. This is a place of deep and ancient magic. Excuse my gushing, but I am basically now the official spokesperson for Zagorohoria! Someday, I must come back here. Till then — ONWARD to Athens, and beyond! The novel “Eat, Pray, Love” stayed for 200 weeks on the New York Times Paperback Best Seller List and remained in the first place for 57 weeks. Approximately, 10 million copies of the book have been published and it has been translated in over 30 languages. more postcards here