Epidaurus Theatre: Once in a lifetime Greek experience

Watching a performance of the Athens Festivalin the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus - like the ancient Greeks did - is certainly a unique experience. A short distance from Athens, above the scenic harbor of Old Epidaurus in the prefecture of Argolida, the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus is famous for its excellent acoustics and symmetry. It is the work of Polykleitos, an architect and sculptor of the 4th century BC and is considered the most significant theatrical monument in the world. It welcomes thousands of theatergoers every summer, hosting many of the performances of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, one of the most important cultural institutions in Greece, which takes place every summer. It is perfect for a one-day excursion from Athens for swimming in the lovely beach, eating in the tavernas and watching a show at the theatre! Euripides’ “The Trojan Women” (3-4/7), Aristophanes’ “The Acharnians” (10-11/7) and Sophocles’ “Ajax” (17-18/7) are some of the iconic ancient texts with which known Greek directors will compete this year. The collaboration of Michail Marmarinos with Gensho Umewaka of Noh Theatre Company from Japan in staging “Nekyia” (24-25/7), a performance partly based on Homer’s Odyssey is expected to be interesting. All shows are staged with supertitles in English. Information and ticket booking at www.greekfestival.gr